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Stacey Earle - Never Gonna Let You Go [Bonus CD] [Limited]


Format: CD
Label: Evolver
Catalog: 2011
Rel. Date: 06/03/2003
UPC: 823276201120

Never Gonna Let You Go [Bonus CD] [Limited]
Artist: Stacey Earle
Format: CD

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Back in the ‘60scertain characters used to say they were "high on life," although most augmentedtheir natural mystic with various pharmaceuticals. People who say they're highon life tend to be cloying, if not annoying, but on their latest duo outing NeverGonna Let You Go Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart sound like they're sliding downrainbows giddy with joy and, yes, high on life. Earle, you may know, is SteveEarle's little sister, but emotionally she's his polar opposite. She writes brightditties that detail the tiny moments that give life meaning, and even when shedeals with issues of loss and regret, as in "When She's Having Fun," a portraitof a woman sitting in her attic, dreaming of the love she never found, her voicebrings a ray of sunshine to an otherwise desolate moment. Stuart is also a compellingsongwriter and solid vocalist. Both singers have what critics call untrained voices—theysound like real down home folks rather than pop music automatons—and their harmonieswrap around your soul like a warm furry blanket. Never Gonna Let You Go fits easilyinto the new folk/Americana genre, but there's a lot more going on than that labelwould imply. On "Looking for Fool's Gold" they channel their inner Neil Young,"Lay Down" is a purring ode to physical love with a sultry vocal by Earle thatbrings to mind a smoky piano bar, while "If You Want My Love" is a ragtime rompwith a wild kazoo solo.
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